2023 Fiesta: Out of This World!

Just a Few Photos!

2023 Fiesta Contest Winners

Cornhole Tournament

1st Place: Jame Vigil and Steven Fisher
2nd Place: Ramiro Gamboa and David Gutierrez
3rd Place: Lupe Holguin and Enrique Holguin
4th Place: Peyton and Eric Nunez

Skateboard Competition

Category – “The Young Ones”

Category – “The Young Ones”
1st Place – DJ
2nd Place – Taco
3rd Place – Ivory

Category – “Retirees”

1st Place – Yancey
2nd Place – Boggs
3rd Place – Isaac

Duck Race Winner

Chad Hazen

Mr. Fiesta

Michael Martinez-McGrath

Beard, Mustache, Hat Contest

Beard: DJ Kennan
Mustache: Gerard
Hat: Frank

Pet Parade Raffle Winners

Grill Winner

Matthew Pedroza

$120 Gift Certificate to Arenas Valley Animal Clinic

Kim Ball

$80 Gift Certificate to Arenas Valley Animal Clinic

Rebecca Pace


Grand Marshall

Loretta Tooley

Fiesta 2023 Grand Marshall Loretta Tooley

Category 1: Floats

Riverbend Hot Springs

Category 2: Non-motorized

Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Posse

Category 3: Walking / Marching

Sierra Elementary Complex

Category 4: Vehicles

Category 4 – Vehicles
Talon Septic

Basketball Tournament

8-10 Age Group

Fab 5 – Malikai Evans, Augustin V, Sean and Brody Lee

11-12 Age Group

Blanks – Devon Borunda, Martin Garcia, Jacob Cano, William Duncan

14-16 Age Group

JJ C, Adrian Gomez, Moises E, Jacob Padilla

17+ Age Group

Dynasty – Kyle Blacklock, Lloyd M, Josh Koch

Fishing Derby Winners

First Fish

Amiya Padilla

Most Fish

Amiya Padilla

Biggest Fish

Dante Robinson

Rifle Raffle Winner

Kaycie Roush

Visitor Booth Raffle Winners

Clay Cates – (Texas) Poster from Center Gallery
Tiffany Williams – (New Mexico) Art by Lady of Daggers
Linda Gerstenberth – (Florida) Poster from Center Gallery
Mark Schilkey – (New Mexico) Art by Center Gallery

2023 Fiesta Entertainment


On Stage:
May 3, 2024 6:00pm
Festive and eclectic instrumental music.
Burt Ferguson and The Consequences

The Consequences Featuring Burt Ferguson

On Stage:
May 4, 2024 9:00pm
A local band consisting of four talented musicians, all hailing from back east, who synchronistically and possibly serendipitously met in their new home town of TorC.
Tudy Romero and the Silver Bullet Band

Tudy Romero & the Silver Bullet Band

On Stage:
May 5, 2024 3:00pm
Tudy & the Silver Bullet Band have been a staple of the Sierra County music scene since their inception in 1964. Founded by Tudy Romero at the tender age of 13, the band has undergone various transformations with different musicians joining and leaving over the years. However, their commitment to delivering unforgettable performances has remained constant.
Fiesta Schedule 2023