Meet Your Fiesta Gold Sponsors: Virgin Galactic

A small local group of dedicated volunteers works hard all year long to bring the community its signature event, The Annual Truth or Consequences Fiesta! This three day jam packed event is by no means an easy feat, which is why the board and volunteers solicit financial sponsors to help us pay bands and contractors, put deposits on facilities, purchase t-shirts and merchandise, and help to ensure safety, sanitation, and responsibility for the entire weekend.

This event only moves forward with the kind donations and contributions of our sponsors. This year, like last year, The Fiesta committee wishes to recognize Virgin Galactic for being a Gold Sponsor of our event. With this year’s theme being “It’s Out Of This World!” Virgin Galactic stepped up and made a significant contribution, not only to this event, but to numerous other events, organizations, and community investments helping to promote our County’s tourism, economy, and education for our youth. As the world’s first commercial spaceline, Virgin Galactic’s purpose is to connect people across the globe to the love, wonder, and awe created by space travel. No matter where each of us stand on this planet we call home, we all look up to the same place.

Virgin Galactic, a 2023 T or C Fiesta Sponsor

That’s why Virgin Galactic believes that space belongs to everyone: the adventurous, the audacious, and the curious. The Operational Headquarters are located at Spaceport America, right here in Sierra County, NM. Nearly 300 teammates are employed throughout the state to support our facilities here. Virgin Galactic is growing and gaining momentum and they hope to inspire the local communities to continue supporting their mission. There are many opportunities to tour Spaceport America, with buses leaving from the Visitor’s Center downtown Truth or Consequences on Saturday mornings and afternoons. Contact the Geronimo Springs Visitor Center for more information. The members and volunteers of the Fiesta Board sincerely appreciate all of our local sponsors. The Staff of Virgin Galactic wanted to thank the community for their continued support and assure us that look forward to seeing all of us at this years 2023 Annual TorC Fiesta!