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Tres Javas Featuring Stevie Bluetone





Main Stage

In the colorful tapestry of TorC’s music scene, there’s a band that stands out for their eclectic blend of talent and experience. Tres Javas, featuring the incomparable Stevie Bluetone, brings together four seasoned musicians whose diverse backgrounds converge to create a unique sonic tapestry.

Rich Bolling, the maestro on keyboard, honed his skills amidst the vibrant jazz scene of Los Angeles, sharing stages with luminaries of the genre. His journey led him to TorC, where he and his percussionist wife, part of the RGeeDuo, have graced countless stages with their musical prowess.

Blanch Almquist, the soulful pulse on bass, brings a wealth of musical experience, from her early days with strings in grade school to her time jamming in venues across Dallas, Texas. Since settling in TorC, she’s lent her talents to numerous local acts, including the Creosote Ramblers and Miner’s Garage, showcasing her versatility in genres ranging from bluegrass to blues.

And then there’s Stevie Bluetone, the heart and soul of Tres Javas, whose mastery of electric guitar, harmonica, and vocals has left an indelible mark on the Southwest music scene. From his roots as a recording session artist to his tenure with acclaimed bands like the 24/7 Blues Band, Stevie’s musical journey has taken him across the country, collaborating with a diverse array of artists.

Together, these four virtuosos form Tres Javas, a testament to the rich tapestry of musical talent that thrives in TorC and beyond. With their unparalleled skill and boundless creativity, they continue to enchant audiences with their unique blend of sounds, proving that when it comes to music, true magic happens when diverse talents unite as one.

tres javas at torc fiesta